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Vacuum meat tumbler MM-50V
Vacuum meat tumbler MM-50V is designed to accelerate the process of salting and marinating meat and fish raw materials, as well as poultry meat as a part of meat and fish delicacies production at public catering establishments.
Key information:
Nominal power consumption, kW0,12
Nominal voltage, V400
Operation temperature, °C+10...+45
Drum speed, rpm12,5
Nominal volume, l50
Load volume, l40
Overall dimensions, mm917х788х1131
Weight, kg125

Vacuum meat tumbler MM-50V


- electronic control panel
- emergency stop button
- voltage - 400V
- vacuum pump

removable drum for easy cleaning
- drum speed - 12,5 rpm
- load volume - 40 l
- manual loading/discharge
- operation temperature +10...+45 °C
- stainless steel construction
- on wheels, 2 of which are castor with stops
- personnel safety: drum rotation stops when the safety cover is opened
- overall dimensions (LхWхH) - 917х788х1131 mm
- weight - 125 kg
life span - 10 years

Vaccuum meat tumbler operation principle 

Vacuum meat tumblers are intended for removing air from the drum, allowing moisture, seasoning, and flavor to more easily end faster enter the food product and distribute flavor and juiciness throughout the whole cut of meat. It does this by opening the cellular structure of the meat through impact energy and keeping the meat in a vacuum. While the drum rotates, the meat is massaged and made more tender while adding extra flavor to make a juicier and more flavorful final product.

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