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TMS-40NN-2P spiral dough mixers is designated for both light and tight dough kneading at bakeries and public catering enterprises.
Key information:
Nominal power consumption, kW, 1st speed1,6
Nominal power consumption, kW, 2nd speed2,6
Nominal voltage, V400
Bowl capacity, l40
Yeasted dough ingredients capacity , kg, at most25
Stiff dough ingredients capacity, kg, at most8
Cycle, min8-12
Productivity, kg/h150*
Spiral speed, rpm, 1st speed140
Spiral speed, rpm, 2nd speed280
Bowl speed, rpm, 1st speed12,5
Bowl speed, rpm, 2nd speed25
Control boardelectronic, programmable
Overall dimensions, mm555х840х(1100)1150
Weight, kg135

* theoretical productivity for light dough


General features of Abat spiral dough mixers CHEF series:

- possibility of kneading any type of dough: сookie dough – for biscuits and tart shells, fancy yeast-containing dough – for baked rolls, pies and curd tarts, yeast-containing dough - for wheat and rye bread, unfermented dough – for meat pockets and dumplings, noodle bows;
- possibility of kneading stiff dough with volume at most 30% from yeast-containing dough loading;
- possibility to reverse the spiral and the bowl rotation to simplify emptying;
- programmable rotation with kneading time sets by means of double timers and possibility of working both in programmable and manual modes; 
- belt-chain drive;
- oil and heat-resistant coated belts of high-wearing featured polyurethane and elastomer keep high sliding strength in comparison with traditional elastic belts;
- electronic control panel;
- high quality kneading owing to rotative and eccentric spiral moving, except ТМS-20NN-1C, -2C, -МC и ТМS-30NN-1C, -2C, -МC;
- wheels for comfortably moving and installing for models with 40-litre bowl and more;

The material of the body of the knead is a high-quality structural steel with a polymer coating. The metal parts of the machine that come into contact with the product during kneading (spiral, bowl, knife) are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

The main characteristics of the two-speed spiral kneader TMS-40NH-2P:
- the volume of bowl - 40 liters;
- the bowl is not removable;
- The crosshead is not strong;
- loading of ingredients when mixing yeast dough - 25 kg;
- loading of ingredients when mixing a steep dough - 8 kg;
- belt drive;
- electronic programmable control panel;
- a timer for two speeds.

In just one hour, the yield of the test with the use of tester ТМС-40НН-2П can be up to 150 kg with the duration of mixing of one portion of the test not more than 12 minutes.

The number of spiral turns for TMS-40NH-2P is:
- 140 rpm at the first speed;
- 280 rpm at the second speed.

The number of revolutions of the bowl for TMS-40NH-2P is:
- 12.5 rpm at the first speed;
- 25 rpm at the second speed.

The rounded inner corners of the bowl facilitate the hygienic cleaning of the machine. The model has height-adjustable feet.

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